Todrock Technologies has in-house fabrication facility. Sheet metal upto 3.15mm is fabricated in electrical / hydraulic sheering / bending machines. With the infrastructure available Todrock Technologies also does fabrication of SS panels upto 2 mm sheet. Fabrication suitable for IP-55 / 56 is done at Todrock Technologies works. Todrock Technologies have also manufacture various pressurization panels in which complete enclosure is kept under positive pressure. Todrock Technologies manufactures panels for draw out type compartments also. Electrical compartmentalized and non-compartmentalized panels are fabricated at Todrock Technologies fabrication shop. Q.C. Department is involved in stage wise inspection of each manufacturing processes.

In all panel aesthetics are the most important aspects and hence Todrock Technologies provides efforts to provide aesthetically pleasing enclosures to the users.


Todrock Technologies has facility for spray-painting and powder coating both. Oven is used for backing the oven backed spray paint or for powder coating. It is very big enough to accommodate the panel height as big as 2500mm. Todrock Technologies has in-house chemical treatment facility for the enclosures.

Assembly area

Todrock Technologies has all the latest tools that are required for panel assembly and manufacture panels in mass productions. While assembly care is taken for easy access/removal and maintenance of the components. Todrock Technologies has enough space to execute many different assemblies at a time.

Inspection and testing

Being ISO 90012000 certified company Todrock Technologies does Q.C. check at each point of the manufacturing right from the receipt of the incoming material to the finished product. Latest IS, NEC standards are available with the Q.C. team and they have access for the Q.C. Check at each stage of panel manufacturing. They are involved with the end user/consultants for the final inspections.

R & D

Instrumentation is changing every day from the day of its existance. Each customer's needs are different and there are various customers who wants to do import substitute for the panels. R & D Department finds correct replacement of the import substitute parts and developed the panels which are economically viable and long lasting. Todrock Technologies also develops electronic circuits for the users in case the requirement is not possible to meet with the existing hardware available in the market.

Todrock Technologies has PLC software facility in house to configure PLC software to suit different customers. Similarly HMI/MMI programming is done. Todrock Technologies have worked with AB/Siemens/Fanuc /Mitsubishi PLC's& HMI/MMI of Allen Bradley/Mapple/Renu/Hitachi.

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